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Winter Maintenance

With a background in Aviation and mechanics, i like to make sure we have a system in place to capture any and all maintenance tasks for our boat over the year. From the simple annual service, thorough to daily / weekly and monthly checks. This allows us to stay on top of any issues, hopefully before they become a problem!

This year, Salty, our vessel, is new to us. It had just been inspected, but we wanted to start fresh. After a couple of days sea trialing, testing all the systems, cleaning and using the boat, we took her out of the water, armed with a list. Happy to report that she was in top condition, but inevitably after a few years sat in the Med, a little TLC was in order to get her back to 100%.

A full service, changing all systems fluids, filters and service items was carried out by Maurtinautica, in Vilamoura. The hull was sanded, inspected and then primed for a new coat of Anti foul. The rear trim tabs and prop where cleaned and protected for the coming year. Tanks on board where checked, cleaned and treated.It’s a very satisfying part of boat ownership, for me, as it gives me piece of mind for the following season and hopefully our customers a more complete experience.


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