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It’s Caves Time!

Winter sun in the Algarve! It really does not get any better, quiet spots and warm weather perfect for exploring with our Axopar 28! Have a look at some of todays shots from the Bengal Caves!

Salty Sea Dog Charters Vilamoura Algarve.
Dreamy Algarve

We set out from Vilamoura at 10:00 am with the boat full of fuel and food! the weather was perfect, 18-20 degrees, a little wind from the north making the sea pretty calm close to shore.

Within no time we where cruising at 36kts heading West to Albufeira then onto the caves near Porsches.

After spending time exploring the secluded bays, we anchored in a spot that I particularly love. Surrounded by the beautiful cliffs, and the turquoise water, we jumped in for a swim.

We had taken lunch from #AkvavitRestaurant with us, so we sat up front to enjoy the food and drinks.

After a few hours, we pullled the anchor and headed back to Vilamoura. On the way back we very fortunatly spotted the dolphins, adding a lovely bonus to the already great Trip.

What a way to spend a day, we made a video of the day, have a look below!

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